Thanks to the prevalence of tutorials and information online, there are now more DIY plumbers than ever. Unfortunately, watching a five-minute video about a plumbing job doesn’t match up against a professional plumber’s years of training and experience. Attempting to do a major plumbing job yourself can result in expensive problems that require the help of a plumber anyway. Here are five common plumbing projects that are better left to the professionals.

Top five jobs DIY plumbers shouldn’t do

  1. Dishwasher installation. Dishwashers are surprisingly tricky to install. They normally sit in very tight spaces. This makes it difficult to properly hook up supply and drainage lines. If the connections on these lines aren’t adequate or there are kinks, they won’t function correctly. This can result in a malfunctioning machine or the drain backing up. It’s much easier to have a trusted plumber install it, and it’s less expensive than dealing with water damage or broken dishwashers.

  2. Water heater installation. Think twice before attempting to install a water heater. These are appliances that usually need to be hooked up to the gas line as well as the waterline. A leaky water line is a nuisance that could lead to significant water damage. A faulty gas line is downright dangerous and could lead to fires or explosions. Keep your family safe by having it professionally installed.

  3. Pipe replacement. Replacing any percentage of your property’s pipes is a huge undertaking. Proper procedures must be followed and the right materials have to be used. Replacing even small amounts of pipe could necessitate welding – certainly not a job for an amateur. Mismatching the materials of your pipes means the connections won’t be solid and your other pipes could sustain damage. Save yourself the potential headaches.

  4. Dealing with major clogs. If you have a clog deep within your plumbing system, a plumber should deal with it. Depending on the materials of your pipes, trying to unclog it with tools or chemicals can do more harm than good. A trained professional can assess your situation and use the right tools for the job. They have access to specialty snakes, augers and hydrojetting machines that can clear your clogs quickly and easily without causing damage.

  5. Almost any project without the proper permit. This is kind of cheating, but it’s overlooked so often we needed to include it. Unless your plumbing project is very small scale, such as replacing a faucet, chances are you need a permit from your local government. Jobs such as bathroom remodeling, installing new sinks and pipe replacement all need the proper permits before work can begin. Codes and regulations need to be followed precisely to ensure your project’s safety. If you fail to get a permit and something bad happens, it needs professional help to be fixed and you could be fined.

Bieg Plumbing has been serving the St. Louis area for nearly 60 years. If you’re inexperienced with plumbing issues, we recommend calling in the professionals. We can help with all your plumbing needs, and you can rest assured that the job is done right. 

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