Tired of continuously having to get your drain cleared? Bieg Plumbing has the equipment and skills to completely clean your commercial or residential pipelines. No more drain chemicals or auger needed. Typically the first approach to clearing blocked lines. It is the most efficient and effective way of removing years of residue and film within your sewer line. Hydro jetting (also known as Hydro flushing or Water jetting) can remove sand or Silt, Hair Clogs, Scale Buildup, Grease and Food Particle Buildup.

Hydro jetting doesn’t just clear a blocked line, it completely cleans out your drain!

hydro-jetting-300x222How it works: Our video inspection systems are initially used to determine the internal workings in the pipeline and detect the exact location of the clog. Then a blast of water at high pressure (approx. 1500 psi – 4000 psi) is sent through to remove blockages or any build up. When the water pressure is this high, a sewer line will get completely clean of things such as debris, grease, and all other build up. This type of service can completely clean pipes of residual build up in ways that cabling cannot. Hydro jetting is also environmentally friendly as no harsh chemicals are needed. Usually used in commercial properties especially in restaurants due to grease build up but can also be used for residential applications.

Note: Businesses which are subject to unusual grease and oil by-product accumulations, such as restaurants, should include this process as a regular maintenance consideration.


Before and after photo of a hydro jetted drain that had grease buildup.

Hydro jetting benefits at a glance

  • Safe for all pipes

  • Clears blockages and fully cleans the pipe

  • Long lasting results

  • Can be routinely scheduled for preventative maintenance

  • Fast and effective

  • Eco-friendly

For over 5 decades, our family-owned-and-operated company has strived to stay updated with the latest technology, deliver effective and efficient services. You can trust Bieg Plumbing technicians in their expertise to rigorously clean the interiors of your pipeline, no matter the diameter. To learn more about our Hydro jetting services call (314) 487-4564 or complete our online contact form.