Water Heater Maintenance


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Hot water is something that tends to get taken for granted nowadays, but even a few days without it can be extremely difficult to manage. If you’re not into taking cold showers, you’ll want to ensure that your water heater is always in good working condition.

Why is servicing your water heater important?

Regular servicing of your water heater is a vital component of overall home maintenance. The reasons to service your water heater include:

  • More efficient equipment. Letting your water heater go without maintenance for extended periods of time can result in otherwise preventable issues. Calcium and sediment buildup can occur. This can damage the heating element in an electric water heater. When excessive, this buildup can actually displace water in your tank, leaving you with less hot water than you should have.
  • Ensured safety. There are safety mechanisms in a water heater, which an expert should test annually to ensure proper function. Important devices such as the relief valve can break over time and increase the risk of burns or scalding. Having these components checked regularly can prevent these injuries.
  • Longer life. The average water heater lifespan is between eight and 12 years. If you don’t maintain it properly, it can die even before the low end of that span. If it is serviced and kept efficient, you can gain extra years of life from it before it needs to be replaced. This can have an impact on your wallet!
  • Fewer surprises. Stepping into a shower you expect to be piping hot, only to find that it’s nearly ice cold is a shock, especially when you’re not fully awake. If you keep your hot water unit working correctly, you’ll have less chance to suffer this unwanted drenching.

Annual flushings

One of the ways to keep your water heater working well is to have the system flushed once per year. This is one of the best ways to flush out the buildup and sediment to keep your tank pristine. It’s also a fantastic way to see whether there is any rust present in the flushed water. Rusting is one of the most common reasons water heaters fail, so if you see it, replace your unit as soon as possible.

Bieg Plumbing has been serving the St. Louis area for more than 60 years and can help you with any of your plumbing needs. We service a wide range of water heaters from all of the top manufacturers. If you just purchased a house and are unsure of the water heater’s condition or just haven’t had it checked in years, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a visit. We can flush the system and ensure it’s working properly. If there are any issues, we can install what you need.

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