It is the facility or property manager’s obligation to ensure that the building is functional and safe for those that work or reside in it. Plumbing can be a huge issue if you are a facility manager overseeing millions of square feet of space or a property manager of an apartment community with hundreds of units. Prevention is key. That is why we have put together maintenance considerations for managers that can help keep their plumbing in good shape, keep costs low, keep tenants happy, and most importantly give them peace of mind.

High-efficiency plumbing fixtures

High-efficiency plumbing fixtures are being installed to reduce utility costs, conserve resources, and curtail water usage to improve the building’s overall sustainability. To ensure these products deliver the best results, facility engineers should carefully consider the maintenance impact that these products are likely to have.

By understanding the key maintenance obligations for each of these products, managers will be better able to incorporate these considerations into their regular inspections and repair routines. This assists the managers to be proactive, whereby small issues can be resolved before they become major costly headaches.

For any questions regarding maintenance procedures for high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, feel free to contact our office.

Backflow Preventer Maintenance

Backflow preventers are commonly found in hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, or anywhere that has an irrigation system, hydronic boiler, chemical or detergent injector installed. Backflow preventers once installed should be inspected at least once a year by a licensed professional.  Backflow preventer testing assures you that your building only maintains clean, fresh drinking water, free from contaminants.

Bieg Plumbing provides backflow testing services to water authorities, factories, major corporations, colleges, municipalities, hospitals and nursing homes, shopping malls, power plants, warehouses, and more throughout the Greater St. Louis area.

Water Heating Systems Preventative Plan

Commercial water heaters endure a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. Implementing a routine annual inspection will help your water heater age gracefully with vitality and efficiency. During tune-ups, a licensed technician will flush your water to rid it of any sediment build-up, inspect all its components and make necessary adjustments. In addition, the technician will also:

  • Test pressure/temperature relief valve

  • Test thermocouple and thermopile or ignition system

  • Inspect and clean burner chamber

  • Inspect anodegm

  • Inspect dirt leg on the gas line

  • Test gas pressure

Bathrooms, Kitchens and Outside

Many leaks go undetected, especially in large facilities. If you have multiple leaks in a large facility, this can mean thousands of dollars in water costs. A routine inspection can detect problems early and potentially save you costly repair bills. Consider having a licensed plumber inspect the following from time to time:

  • All bathroom, kitchen, and shower faucets for proper function and leaks

  • Under all cabinets for leaks

  • Inspect toilets for leaks

  • Inspect inside of toilet tanks for proper function

  • Inspect garbage disposal function and wiring

  • Inspect under the dishwasher for leaks

  • Inspect hose bibs for proper function and leaks

  • Inspect sump pump discharge lines

  • Inspect gas lines, riser, and meter

In conclusion, a plumbing breakdown can not only ruin your day but can be hazardous to the people that reside or work in it. Bieg Plumbing has been serving facility and property managers since 1960! We are a reliable, local, and trusted brand. We are equipped to handle almost any plumbing situation and understand well both the old and modern facilities’ plumbing systems.

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