Businesses may not give a second thought to their commercial plumbing system…that is until something goes wrong. Some problems may get ignored for a long time while others force business owners to act immediately. Regardless of the issue’s severity, an improperly functioning plumbing system will negatively affect your business. Here are a few of the most common commercial plumbing problems that businesses should know about.

Clogged toilet

This is a fairly common problem with a variety of causes and sometimes a very simple solution. People may use too much toilet paper or accidentally flush items that are not toilet-safe. The result is that a toilet will back up and possibly overflow. Simple cases can be solved by plunging. However, in the event a clog is persistent, professional plumbers can make that issue disappear down the drain.

Ruptured pipes

It could be old age, freezing conditions, corrosion, high water pressure or even careless digging, but ruptured pipes can ruin a building and its contents in a matter of minutes. If not attended to quickly, water damage, mold and rot can occur. If you experience a burst pipe, it is important to determine the exact cause in order to prevent the problem from recurring. An experienced, licensed Bieg Plumbing plumber can inspect your plumbing, determine your water pressure, and make any necessary adjustments.

Low water pressure

A ruptured pipe will often cause low water pressure. But a lack of force from your faucets may be an indicator of a different problem. If dirt, debris or minerals begin to collect in pipes, the result will be lower pressure. Additionally, if the main regulator is not set to the fully open position, your water flow rates will be restricted. If the regulator is in the correct position, it’s time to call a professional commercial plumber.

Sneaky leaks

Leaks can cost thousands of dollars in wasted water and building damage. A quick way to tell whether there may be a leak in a building is to monitor the water bill month to month. If there is a constant increase in water used without any difference in your employee’s habits or patterns, there may be a leak that needs to be investigated. If the water usage spikes without any reason, there is definitely a leak, and it needs to be found and repaired immediately.

Stinky sewer smells

Properly operating commercial plumbing systems do not have an odor. But if they are not maintained, you may detect the stench of sewer gas wafting through your building. Hazardous to breathe directly, sewer gas is usually diluted substantially once it exits the line. In other words, the gas will not hurt you, but it will smell terrible. Causes include blocked vent pipes, traps that have dried out or damaged drain lines. If you want to keep these unpleasant and off-putting smells out of your business, you need to get a commercial plumber to review and address this as soon as possible.

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