St. Louis residents who are in danger of basement flooding need to be as prepared as possible. Even light water damage can result in thousands of dollars in repairs, so in many cases, a sump pump is a necessity. For those who want to have maximum protection against water damage, Bieg Plumbing offers the top-of-the-line PHCC Pro Series Pumps. This series includes fantastic choices for all needs.  Many models even have an optional module that can be attached and connected to the internet. If there are any failures with the pump or if it needs maintenance, it will send an alert to you over the internet. This helps to prevent complications that could otherwise arise if your pump had an issue.

So even if you’re out of the house, you can receive an immediate alert to your phone or tablet in event of a problem. Instead of coming home and being surprised that you’re standing ankle-deep in water, you can attend to the issue as soon as it happens and prevent serious damage.

How to know if you need one

If your house has ever flooded before, you should have a quality sump pump such as those found in the PHCC Pro Series. Living in a low-lying area of the city where water collects is another indicator. We also strongly recommend having a sump pump installed if you have a finished basement that contains valuable items you don’t want to put at risk of water damage.


The PHCC Pro Series has many high-quality options that provide the best peace of mind in the business:

  • AC pumps. These are sump pumps that run strictly on AC power. They are extremely durable, and the pumping power ranges from one-third horsepower to a full one horsepower.
  • Backup sump pumps. These backup pumps supplement your main pump and can remove up to 2,400 gallons of water per hour. They are powered by AC, but if the power goes out, the backup battery kicks in and continues to power a DC pump. Select models in this category are compatible with the aforementioned Wi-Fi module.
  • Combination pumps. This is a comprehensive package that includes both the main pump and a backup pump. It also has a backup battery for peace of mind during power outages and Wi-Fi module compatibility for certain models.

Life expectancy

The PHCC Pro Series pumps are constructed from premium materials and are built to last. They include the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 4 years, depending on the model. Sump pumps have an expected life of approximately 10 years with proper maintenance.

If you currently own a sump pump and are unsure of its age or know that it is over 10 years old, you should schedule a professional to inspect it. It is better to replace it earlier rather than later. If your pump dies during a potential flood, you can have a very big problem on your hands.


Bieg Plumbing has experienced professionals who ensure that your new PHCC Pro Series pump is installed correctly. We’ve been a trusted plumbing provider in the St. Louis area for over 60 years. You won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship with us! The basic installation process is as follows:

  • An area in your basement floor will have its concrete removed, and a small pit called the sump pit will be constructed.
  • The pump and a check valve will be installed and the concrete patched.
  • A discharge pipe will be run from the pump to a place outside far enough away so as to not recollect in your basement.

If you choose to opt for the remote monitoring Wi-Fi module, this will also be connected during installation. You will then be taught how to set up and monitor the system from your phone or tablet. You’ll have all of the information you need and will be alerted at exactly the time you need it. This is why we believe that a PHCC Pro Series sump pump with the remote monitoring module is the perfect choice for those who need the most protection possible from flooding.

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