Sewage Ejector Pumps can be expected to operate for years on normal sewage pumping without failing. They give very reliable service and usually requires minimal maintenance work. However, as with any mechanical piece of equipment, a preventive maintenance program is recommended and suggested to include the following inspections.

  1. Motor chamber for oil level and contamination and repair
  2. Impeller and body for excessive build-up or clogging and repair
  3. Motor and bearings and replace if required
  4. Seal for wear or leakage and repair if required

Most semi-solid items that do not readily dissolve in water can cause problems to your Sewage Ejector Pump. The following items can cause burnouts or blockages and result in costly repairs.

  1. Cigarette Butts
  2. Clothes dryer sheets
  3. Latex products
  4. Cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, paper towels
  5. Diapers
  6. Dental Floss
  7. Tampons

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If you have a sewage ejector pump problem, call one of our friendly customer service reps today at (314) 487-4564. We’ll help you get your ejector pump fixed fast!