We are very happy to announce that Bieg Plumbing was awarded by the City of Herculaneum with the “Citizen Of The Month” award in recognition of all the dedicated service provided on the expansion of Kade’s Playground. Between 2015 and 2018, we were able to provide the City of Herculaneum assistance in engineering, project management, labor and materials to help complete the “Kade’s Pavilion Rest Station” and the latest addition of the splash pad, which will be open to the public in spring of 2019.  

We are very proud of the fantastic workmanship provided by our plumbers, who installed in excess of 1000’ of supply piping from the pump house to the water features and drains, back to a 5000-gallon underground filter tank.  

The volcano-themed playground was named in honor of Kade Bauman. Kade had Mitochondrial Disease, which kept him confined to a wheelchair, with vision impairment, seizures, and no ability to develop muscle mass. He loved playing on playgrounds with his older brother Jackson, but there was not a wheelchair accessible playground anywhere in Jefferson County. The Bauman family had to drive to St. Charles County or Clayton in order for the two brothers to play side by side.

The initial start-up will begin in May as Bieg returns to the site, to assist with any final touch-ups and provide training on how the system operates.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to help the community on a project that will improve the community.  The new Kade’s Playground will not be just for kids, it will be accessible to everyone, including adults and anyone with disabilities. With the addition of the splash pad, visiting Kade’s park on those hot summer days will be all the more enjoyable for all.



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