Spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year. The weather turns nice. The days grow longer, and the flowers start to bloom.

Spring can also bring heavy rains, though, which could potentially put your home or property at risk of basement flooding. If your basement is finished, this means that your drywall, carpet, finished floors, furniture, and other property could be ruined. If the water damage isn’t noticed and dealt with quickly, mold could result, and items may need to be replaced, leading to expensive repair bills.

But you’re not helpless when it comes to flooding. You can take certain measures that help avoid flooding and the risks related to it, including:

  1. Watch what you flush down the toilet. Do not flush wipes (including “flushable wipes”), dental floss, condoms or paper towels
  2. Never pour fats or grease down your drain
  3. Seal all window wells, seal cracks or openings on walls
  4. Clear gutters and downspouts of leaves and other debris
  5. Increase green space around your home with native plants and shrubs
  6. Have a licensed plumber:
    • Locate and assess the condition of your sewer lateral
    • Perform a video camera inspection to check the integrity of your sewer laterals
    • Inspect the condition of backwater valves, backflow preventers, and sump pump
    • Fix cracks, blockages or any other issues affecting your plumbing system
    • Install a battery-backup sump pump if your area experiences lots of power outages

At Bieg Plumbing Company, we want to help you keep your basement dry and flood free. To help you decide which preventative measures would work best for you, call (314) 487-4564

What to do if your basement is flooding:

  • Do not use your toilet or sinks unless it is absolutely necessary – any water collected in your drains might end up in your basement
  • Shut off all electrical power if possible in case there are outlets exposed to the water (note: it will affect your sump pump if you have one)
  • Check for gas odor if you have a gas water heater – the pilot may have been extinguished by the water
  • Be mindful of health and safety when cleaning up your flooded basement – sewer backups and flood water can expose you to dangerous contaminants
  • Discard all contaminated items that are of porous nature such as mattresses, cardboard, newspapers etc.
  • Keep children and pets out of the affected area until cleanup has been completed
  • Finally, call your insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage caused by the flooding