At Bieg plumbing we provide a professional certified plumbing for all of your commercial work. Our plumbers have the expertise, and equipment for addressing any plumbing issue At Bieg Plumbing we provide the best commercial service for you. We guarantee to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.



Commercial water heater

At Bieg Plumbing we can repair or install any make and model commercial water heater. Our commercial plumbers are certified and trained to locate the problem fast and fix it correctly the first time.



At Bieg Plumbing our technicians are certified to accommodate all of your sewer problems. We repair, clean, locate, and inspect sewer laterals. We will locate your problem and use our expertise to correct your problem efficiently.



Bieg Plumbing plumbers are able to work on a variety of name brand faucets, for lavs, kitchens, tubs and showers, laundry faucets, and outside faucets. We repair, replace, and install new faucets.



Bieg Plumbing is well versed in brands and styles to service your needs. Bieg Plumbing will deliver and install a new toilet or install an owner supplied toilet.


Sump pump

At Bieg Plumbing we will come and inspect your pump and diagnose the problem. Our plumbers are well trained and certified to furnish and install new pumps as well.


Backflow devices

At Bieg Plumbing our plumbers are certified and licensed to install, repair, and test both residential and commercial. Backflow testing is required for the St. Louis area on a yearly basis. We will ensure that your device is working properly, efficient, and your test report properly filed.



Stacks are essential in every business. Our plumbers are licensed to repair your stack or replace it if necessary.


Water service

Pipe leaks are the most common plumbing problems. Pipe leaks can damage your business. Our plumbers are certified to repair or replace water lines.


Gas piping

At Bieg Plumbing we can service you in all of your gas piping needs. Our trained plumbers can locate and repair your gas leak. We can replace existing gas piping or install new gas lines to service your gas appliances in your business



Let us help you prepare business for the winter months by winterizing. Bieg Plumbing knows what the winter months can do to commercial buildings and backflow devices during the St. Louis winters.